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Questions About LifeTime® Wood Treatment Non-Toxic Wood Stain

The recipe for LifeTime® Wood Treatment has been handed down for over 60 years through generations of a family of woodcrafters. This wood stain is now available commercially in Canada, allowing homeowners and manufacturers to share in the benefits of this truly unique product.

Heightened concerns about our environment and the protection of our natural resources are apparent everywhere and the availability of this product is truly good news. Users of LifeTime® Wood Treatment will save time and money while lessening the harmful impact on our soil, air, water and forests.

Following are some frequently asked questions about LifeTime® Wood Treatment non-toxic wood stain with some straight answers from the manufacturer, Valhalla Wood Preservatives Ltd.

Q: What is LifeTime® Wood Treatment?

A: LifeTime® is a highly effective non-toxic wood stain which beautifies outdoor wood for a LifeTime® of enjoyment

Q: Many products claim to be safe to use, what makes LifeTime® so different?

A: Over time and with exposure to the sun and rain, all LifeTime® treated wood develops a beautiful silver to dark brown patina.
This natural patina is a weathering process with a high UV protection.

Q: What is LifeTime® made of?

A: LifeTime® is made up of naturally occurring plant and mineral substances, combined in a special family recipe. The solution soaks in and penetrates wood fibres. Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTime® creates no harmful residue in soil or water.

Q: Lots of products for the exterior wood claim to be nominate, but in fact have to be re-applied within 2-3 years. What does LifeTime® mean by no-maintenance?

A: No-maintenance means you apply one treatment of LifeTime® and NEVER touch it again. LifeTime® can not be worn off, will not peel or fade. Natural weathering actually increases it's beauty and effectiveness.

Q: Is LifeTime® good for most types of wood?

A: Absolutely. LifeTime® is effective for outdoor wood applications such as:

  • Decks,
  • Fences,
  • Siding,
  • Flower Pots,
  • Picnic Tables,
  • Furniture,
  • Raised Planters,
  • Birdhouses,
  • Siding,
  • Doors,
  • Windows,
  • Gazebos,
  • Even floating rafts and marina docks!

If it's wood, LifeTime® will do it good.

Q: How is LifeTime® applied?

A: It can be applied in all conventional ways including by brush, roller, sprayer or dipping. It can be safely worked while still wet wi though leaving permanent finger or foot marks. It can also be applied in any weather down to 0 degrees Celsius.

Q: How long is its' shelf life?

A: In powder form, LifeTime® can be stored indefinitely. After mixing with water, the solution keeps best in a sealed jar and will last an extremely long time. With increased time however, water may become stagnant unless distilled water is used to mix the batch. Because you can mix only what you need, the likelihood that you will have large amounts of LifeTime® solution left over is minimized.

Q: Will LifeTime® prevent wood from cracking & warping?

A: All wood contains moisture and dries during exposure to sun and wind. LifeTime® will not cause additional cracking or checking in the wood.

Q: It sounds expensive. Is it?

A: No! In fact, LifeTime® is priced below several nationally advertised stains and wood treatments that must be applied many times over the life of the wood. LifeTime® is simply the least expensive and most effective wood treatment available. Shipping and handling costs have been greatly reduced because LifeTime® is purchased in powder concentrate form and the savings are passed onto the end user.

Q: Can I apply sealers or coloured stains over LifeTime®?

A: Yes, you can. But we don't recommend it.

Q: Who is using LifeTime® Wood Treatment?

A: Contractors have been using it for 60 years in house and marina construction. Some of the organizations using LifeTime®:

  • Parks Canada has used LifeTime® in several of our National Parks including Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks.
  • The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation approved's LifeTime® for municipal and highway sign projects.
  • The City of Calgary is using LifeTime® for treating wooden roadside sound barrier fencing.
  • Nova Scotia Natural Resources is testing the product on picnic tables in Provincial Parks.
  • Several construction contractors and log home builders are now using LifeTime® in Canada and the U.S.



"The performance of their product "LifeTime®" in these earlier projects convinced staff to utilize the product once again in a new series of panels recently installed in Kootenay National Park..."


LifeTime® Wood Treatment
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LifeTime can be found at many retail locations including TIM-BR Mart, Home Hardware, Totem Building Supplies, Ace Hardware Stores, Windsor Plywood, True Value, I Wood Care, IRLY Building Centres, Kent, Arctic Inland Building Products, Living Rooms, Slegg Lumber, Build It Naturally, Rona, Armand Malo, Schroeder Log Home Supply


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