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LifeTime® Wood Treatment Non-Toxic Wood Stain Testimonials

"We were so happy with LifeTime® finish that when it came time to re-build the fence around our Grade three school vegetable garden, we again chose LifeTime Wood Treatment®. The new fence was a challenge because the top curved rail was laminated cedar. We were concerned about the possibility of the wood delaminating as LifeTime® doesn't seal the wood; however, with the correct glue, Lifetime Wood Treatment® came through for us again.

We have since used LifeTime Wood Treatment® to finish a number of benches, a table, and a curved top gate for the school field. All were finished using the original supply of LifeTime® finish consisting of one small and one large package. This product goes a long way! LifeTime Wood Treatment® accentuates the quiet, natural beauty of the wood and stands the test of time. We are very happy with the results and highly recommend LifeTime®.

Thank you Valhalla!"
- Susan Connon-Wilby, Business Manager. Vancouver Waldorf School, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"We are so thankful to have been donated enough LifeTime® Wood Treatment to treat the entire spruce board and batten siding of our new super energy efficient building enclosure. We'd heard great things about LifeTime® Wood Treatment from the green buildings experts on the East Coast so when we decided to buy some locally source and untreated wood siding, using LifeTime to treat it was an easy decision. It was certainly the RIGHT decision. The wood turned a beautiful silvery grey almost immediately and complements beautifully the other elements of our building. We're showcasing what a green renovation can look like on the East Coast and the LifeTime® Wood Treatment has made a great impression on everyone. Furthermore, using LifeTime® offered a great opportunity to engage with our enthusiastic volunteer base because it's safe to use! We called on some of our star volunteers to help us treat the siding. We had excellent, sunny fall weather. We built two troughs to dip the siding into the treatment and our team worked very hard to save every last drop of the product by letting excess drip into the troughs before laying the siding out to dry. At the end of our renovation project, we reminisced with the volunteers what their favour part was as we and volunteers come in multiple times a week over the 9 month long project. Many volunteers name the LifeTime® Wood Treatment parties as their favourite memories. Thanks for making that possible for us!"
- Emma N. Ecology Action Centre, Halifax, NS, Canada

"LifeTime® Wood Treatment generously donated their product to Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association, to treat the wood fencing of our new outdoor riding ring. As our organization is located on an organic farm, it was important to us to use a product that was safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This product definitely fit the bill. Our volunteers found it very fast & easy to apply, and appreciated that there no irritating fumes to deal with. Thank you Valhalla Wood Preservatives!"
- Anne Muir, Executive Director. Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association, Cowichan, BC, Canada

"The grand opening for Riyo Yogurt went extremely well. Local families and tourists from around the globe all complimented on the aesthetics and quality of work put into the establishment. Interior siding used was just a re-sawn common STK Redwood with LifeTime® Wood Treatment. The ease of application and enhancement the Valhalla product brought to the  interior was simply amazing. The colors transformed slowly bringing out the distinct characteristic that makes "Redwood" famous!! We are looking forward to using LifeTime® on different woods for our next project.
A sincere Thank You."
- Riyo Yogurt, Lotus, CA, USA

"When we heard about this product we couldn't wait to try it out! We were building four new outhouses out of pine for the campground and were still looking for that perfect solution to use as the finishing coat. We have a 160 acre ranch with camping and horseback riding, and are a venue for weddings and large events where people are looking for an outdoor location but still want to have touch of elegance in everything around them. It was very important to us that everything we build have a finish that is long lasting and beautiful, yet gave all the new wood an aged look. LifeTime® Wood Treatment offered just that! It was easy to mix and easy to apply. This spring we are building a new barn designed especially for weddings, as well as a shower house and many more projects, we will definitely be using this treatment on all of them!"
-- Angie R., ShyLynn Ranch, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

"I just had to share the pics of how (LifeTime® Wood Treatment) turned out.  I am so very happy - other people don't understand what I did to a lovely brown cedar, but hey - they're not the ones who'd be scraping, redoing and swearing about it 2 summers from now. I love the patina and can't believe that it changed within an hour; it also has a satiny like feel to it. I wished that we had this before to have done the entire cabin this way. Oh well, live and learn - and share."
- Renee, WI, USA

"I did a lot of research to find the most environmentally-friendly, maintenance-free stain for our house when we built it. We're so happy with the results (of LifeTime®) - the colour is a rich, warm brown, and we'll never have to stain it again."
- K. Pal-Pross, BC

"Valhalla Wood Preservatives Ltd. makes a popular treatment called LifeTime® Wood Treatment, which has long been used in Canada and is now available internationally too. The product is non-toxic and ‘friendly to plants, animals and people’, and also low-maintenance. Since it does not leach residue into soil, it’s useful for garden planters as well as wooden buildings.

Naturally, with a successful product like LifeTime® Wood Treatment, the ingredients are a close kept family secret. However, the treatment is made up of naturally occurring plant and mineral substances which soak into and penetrate wood fibres. Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTime® creates no harmful residue in soil or water, which is also reassuring.

Conventional wood treatment products that are on the market are more health-friendly than previously, but if you have concerns about noxious chemicals and their environmental and health effects, then LifeTime® Wood Treatment is something that you should look for when it comes to protecting your summerhouse, log cabin or raised beds."
- Jonathan N., GardenLife® Log Cabins, Edinburgh, Scotland 
GardenLife® Log Cabins is a timber company based in the UK selling a broad range of timber buildings, garden rooms, log cabins and summerhouses. GardenLife® recommend the use of Valhalco's LifeTime® Wood Treatment to their customers as an alternative to chemical based timber treatments.

"What a great product! LifeTime® Wood Treatment has saved us both time and money. It also gave us the look we wanted, all with a quick one step application. Time does the work for you. The applied areas have been exposed to harsh elements, snow, wind, rain and high temperatures (110° F to -37°F). The more weather the treated surfaces are exposed to, the better they look. We are very impressed and highly recommend this product."
-- Fred & Jane, Wolf Creek, MT, USA

"We at King Creek Enterprises Ltd, have started using LifeTime® Wood Treatment recently, and are very impressed! We do some timber framing and timber hybrid accents to our projects, and in the past have been disappointed with the maintenance problems with other stains. LifeTime® has eliminated this problem and gives the timbers a very authentic look that we really like."
-- King Creek Enterprises, Creston, BC, Canada  

" Here at Growing Spaces LLC, being able to use LifeTime® Wood Treatment for the struts of our Growing Dome® greenhouse kits is a big advantage. We appreciate the long shelf life storage, ease of mixing, lack of toxic residue in mixing, and freedom from worry about spillage. Since we are a green manufacturer this product, being zero VOC, fits perfectly within ourbusiness model. It allows us to have the confidence that no toxic residue will evermake it onto any of our customer’s soil or plants in their organic gardens."
-- Stacey L. L. Couch, CO, USA

" LifeTime® can be used to blend new wood with logs cut in the 1840's. We did cut fresh dovetail corners in the logs but within 30 minutes after applying LifeTime® the fresh end cuts looked exactly like the rest of the old logs. Quite amazing."
-- Rick F., Wisconsin, USA

"I am very excited to try this product on our new deck. As I mentioned on the phone, ease of application, long-term benefits and, most importantly, safety for my wonderful grandson are my three top reasons for seeking a product such as yours. When I found LifeTime® Wood Treatment on an internet search, I was thrilled that there was something that met my criteria. I am already talking about LifeTime® to my friends and family who are building decks and fences. I think that being able to use the formulation on new construction, without the waiting and drying time necessary for stain, is a real selling feature."

"I would be still painting spindles if I had used a traditional brush, so the time saving was wonderful.  After we were finished, my husband and I both had that, 'was that all we had to do?’ look." 

"I have been telling my co-workers about LifeTime® as well as family members.  Everyone I talk to can’t believe there is a product out there that could save so much time and money."
-- Carol L., SK, Canada

"We have been using the LifeTime® Wood Treatment for so many years, I don't think we can pin point when we were actually introduced to the product. Our primary applications for LifeTime® have been weather exposed gates, railings and decks; basically areas where maintenance and up-keep are an issue or challenge.

We love it for both the look and the ease of application - LifeTime® goes on with a strange greenish hue and then quickly matures to a beautiful silver-grey. We used it for our own cedar deck and railings, knowing that we would be way too busy building other people's log homes to maintain the exposed areas of our own. We have also incorporated it in various "recipes" as a method of ageing log and timber additions that we have built onto vintage structures. Our favourite use of the LifeTime® was the dovetail log home featured in these images. The owner's wanted the home to look as though it had been there for a very long time and to support the traditional appeal of this type of log construction. Looks so good!

My only disappointment is that we did not use it on our own log post and beam home. Had we done so, I would not be planning (and procrastinating) to re stain my home again this year."
-- Ingrid Boys - Nicola LogWorks, Merritt BC, Canada
"Wow, I cannot say enough about how much we love your LifeTime® Wood Treatment product.  I don't remember ever being so excited about a product that added so much to our design efforts.  The new wood almost instantly had a weathered, reclaimed look. I used a handheld paint sprayer to apply and did so prior to the boards being put up.  The color is exactly what we were looking for and we are certainly looking forward to seeing how it weathers in the sun and rain.  We are currently building a bunkhouse for our six grandsons and will soon be building our main house as well.  We are excited to be using LifeTime® Wood Treatment on these buildings also.  Several of our friends is this area have also purchased this product and are every bit as happy."

- Nancy R., Montana, USA


Testimonial Letters

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Did You Know?

- Parks Canada has used LifeTime® in several of our National Parks

- Several construction contractors and log home builders are now using LifeTime®


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